You’ve never had service like this before

One call and we’ll make the pain go away. How? Because we plan, design, manufacture, assemble and install. But more importantly, we problem solve and tailor the job, so things just run a bit, you know, smoother.

Make my life easier

We are proper geeks

We like to view things quite analytically. That’s because we get a kick out of solving problems that you might not even know you had. Quality control, preventing damage in transit and managing your stock levels is just the beginning.

Geek out with us

Why choose Capitan?

  • The French-style long lunch

    With all that efficiency, there’ll be time for coffee and a dessert. Well, crème brûlée, seen as you’re asking.
  • Smiling-face syndrome

    Camaraderie, laughter, joy. Give your staff what they need to work well and you might even get a cuddle.
  • The Crystal Maze effect

    Standing on your sexy new stairs, you can finally pretend to be presenter Richard O’Brien in the ‘Industrial Zone’.
Stairway to heavy loading heaven

Stairway to heavy-loading heaven

Elegant turnkey metal stairs and platforms or entirely bespoke solutions for oddly shaped factory floors. We do both. And we don’t fiddle-faddle around installing them with custom tools either, so things can easily be moved or adjusted as you require.

I want stairs

Licence to grille

Mesh and bar grilles for doors, windows and medieval dungeons. We cover them all. Literally. They come hinged, removable and permanent. And our ISO9001 Quality Management System is your guarantee it’ll be done right.

I want grilles

Won’t stand stillage

Powder-coated perfection for smart, reliable storage. Our nuke-proof stillages allow you to transport goods without the need to unload. Time saved, damage decreased. That means two things: you’re making more money – and having longer tea breaks.

I want stillages