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From the way they open to what they’re made of, it’s always handy to have a good idea of what to expect and what to think about before committing to new electric driveway gates.

To swing or to slide? Get a gate that fits your driveway best

Having a swing or sliding gate depends on the layout of your driveway, how much space you have to play with and then, of course, your personal preferences. Sliding gates are often quieter and can make life a bit easier if you have a narrow driveway. Swing gates, on the other hand, need space.

For swing electric gates, then, you’ll need to think about which way it opens. If it’s outwards, we’ll need to make sure it’s not onto public land, such as pavements. Then there’s the wind to consider! If you live somewhere in Worcestershire or the West Midlands that’s relatively exposed, then a nice sliding electric gate might be best.

Sliding gates are also a good option if your driveway slopes upwards onto your property. Wouldn’t want that swinging gate to get caught! They work well in tight spaces too. That said, sliding electric gates require a space to run into that’s longer than the gate and which moves along the same line as the driveway entrance.

A wood, metal or composite electric driveway gates?

So you’ve decided it’s time to do a frontal renovation. First thing to think about is your gate and what it’s going to be made of. Aluminium, steel, wood or composite? There are advantages to all, but some will suit your property and your overall needs more than others. So, here we go:

Electric wood gates have a natural look and feel, which ‘softens’ the front of your home. Perfect if you live in the countryside or want to work with a gravel driveway to create a rural feel. They’re a great option if budgets are tight and age beautifully over time. They’ll need replacing sooner than the other options, though.

Electric aluminium gates. We love them, because of their versatility. We’re happy to work with you on creating just about any design. When we saw bespoke we mean it! Check out some of the different aluminium gate designs we’ve already created. They’re strong, weather-resistant and they don’t rust. What’s not to love about aluminium gates.

Electric steel gates. A fantastic option for older, grander properties in and around Worcestershire and the West Midlands that need a design that feels timeless. We’ve been working with steel the longest – 40 years! – so we’re particularly proud of the electric steel gates we offer. Super-strong, elegant and they age well.

Perhaps not the best for total privacy, though. For that we’d suggest composite gates, whose wood-and-PVC panels slot tightly together so there’s no chance of anyone peeping in. They’re also fully weather resistant and will continue to look like new for years to come. Great for homes in the West Midlands with a modern aesthetic.

Your electric driveway gates control system

Access control systems, transmitters, intercoms and keypads – there’s quite a lot to think about. Particularly when you consider that it probably won’t just be you using the gate: what about those delivery guys arriving at your home when you’re at work? Choosing the correct equipment can be time consuming.

The good news is that we have the technology – from smart controls on your phone to gate cameras that tell you when and for how long your gate was open – to help you get in and out of your home without any friction. Give us a call and we can begin creating a bespoke solution that best matches your lifestyle. Never miss a delivery again!

Can you automate an existing manual gate?

The short answer is yes – most of the time. Our team will need to make sure it passes the structure test first (which doesn’t take long). Assuming that everything is sound, we’ll then look at the sort of motor that works best with what you’ve got. Then we’ll be good to go, upgrading your gates to an automatic electric driveway gates.

Why go with Capitan Gates?

Because we’re the most wonderful gate designer, manufacturer and installer in the whole of Worcestershire, that’s why. Also we know what we’re doing because we’ve been doing this for a long time. And, finally, because once you’ve made one phone call to us, you won’t need to speak to anyone else.

Save time and money by leaving the whole thing to us. This is end-to-end project management with a clear goal: to make sure you have a gate that does absolutely everything you want it to, while looking fabulous and increasing the value of your property. And did we mention the survey and CGI imagining we’ll provide for free?